About Center

Objectives of the center

The main goals of the center are:


Establishing a space for dialogue and communication between intellectuals, researchers and those interested in this field, through:

Organizing debate

Organizing an international debate every year in which Moroccan intellectuals, along with international events and students.


Building bridges of communication with the national scientific and intellectual competencies located outside and inside the country Through the center’s website, as well as an annual magazine to publish and monitor the entire cinematic movement in Morocco.

Scientific relations

Scientific relations and cooperation with similar institutions and other centers all over the world.

Organizing festivals

Organizing national and international festivals in the audiovisual context.

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Center's working methods

The center uses various scientific means and tools to achieve its goals, including:
  • Preparing, printing and publishing all activities, studies and research carried out by the center.

  • Conducting studies and research as required by other parties.

  • Translating some intellectual and critical cinematic works, and professional studies in this field from foreign languages into Arabic.

  • Holding lectures, seminars, workshops and training courses on an ongoing basis, according to an annual program.

  • Forming research units and groups to carry out projects and scientific works needed by the center.

  • Establishing public or specialized libraries for the benefit of researchers at the national level.

  • Issuing a periodical, magazine, or additional publications, to introduce the Center, follow up on its activities, and publish its products.

  • Publication of research and university theses concerned with the audiovisual field in general.

  • Creating a space for academic research on the audiovisual and cinema.

Partner establishment